SAP Implementation

SAP Implementation

Perisoft SAP Business All-in-One Solutions adopt a template-based "RAPID" Implementation model whereby approximately 80% of the configuration of the SAP product for key business functions such as Finance/Controlling, Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, Inventory & Warehousing, Inbound & Outbound logistics along with CRM and Business Intelligence functionality is already implemented, based on industry best practices.

In order to customise the solution to the needs of your unique company's requirement, the additional 20% of the configuration is carried out by Perisoft business and application specialists who surround the core templates with custom enhancements designed, developed and implemented to address your particular business needs and to give you a unique competitive advantage.

Not only does this approach to delivering the solution result in a much faster implementation, typically lasting only 12 to 16 weeks, but the associated costs of doing so are also much reduced. This approach is well proven with many of Perisoft and SAP customers around the globe.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and obtain a estimate for a "Rapid Implementation" service.

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