SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects

With SAP Business Objects EDGE software, growing companies can now access a single, end-to-end business intelligence (BI) solution - taking advantage of features once reserved for only the large scale organisations.

A comprehensive solution that is priced, packaged and designed for small businesses and Mid size companies. It enables you to most cost effectively address your most pressing business needs, see quick return on investment and easily add more functionality as your needs grow.

The SAP Business Objects EDGE software's key features include:

  • BI tools for adhoc reporting, personal dashboards, report hosting and financial analysis.
  • An intelligence platform that provides secure access to your tools and reports and delivers trusted data from any data source.
  • Enter a few metrics about your practice to gain key insights into the success of your business.
  • Rapid and flexible deployment of a complete solution on a single windows or linux server with the option to integrate with poplar Microsoft office/share-point and ERP applications like SAP/Oracle.

Take advantage of extensive BI functionality to empower your end users and decision makers with greater information insight.

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