We recognised that some Mid-Size enterprises prefer a one-stop shop to provide and be accountable for not only the software and services but the other key aspects such as Hardware and hosting.

Perisoft offers end-to-end and scalable services - Our services can include everything from Software, implementation services and on-going support to Hardware & Hosting - everything that you need for a complete, tailored solution that will help unleash the true potential in your business. If you would rather choose only the components that you feel are necessary, the flexibility of our approach allows for that too. When and how much you call on Perisoft is your choice.

Not only does this approach to delivering the solution result in a much faster implementation, typically lasting only 12 to 16 weeks, but the associated costs of doing so are also much reduced. This approach is well proven with many of Perisoft and SAP customers around the globe.

Clients are offered the option of choosing the following + options:


Supply the package specific sized server hardware, hosted at client location or a completely off-site hosted.

2 to 5 year lease of the service package only or
2 to 5 year lease of Service package +Infrastructure.

Perisoft also offers flexible financing/leasing - Funds are not always readily available to finance developments within growing Mid-size businesses. So Perisoft provides flexible financing arrangements for the acquisition of IT and business solutions. Repayment schedules reflect the structure of IT solution and can be adjusted to reflect cash flows within your business.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and obtain a Rapid+ estimate.

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